Youth Volunteers Association has been founded on April 1st, 2004 to provide equal opportunity local through national, national through international. We also have studies in 81 citys with official project partners joining from 27 different countries in Europe. Our association has done too many studies to reach our vision.


Would you also want to be part of those projects which are performed throughout Turkiye?



It was established to contribute to the personal development of children and young people who were disadvantaged due to financial difficulties, geographical obstacles, neighborhood print, terror,



Our association, planning activities to be carried out between the years 2016-2020, planned activities related to the following subjects.


  • Science / Technology.
  • Art.
  • Culture.
  • Family and Social Policies.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Human Rights and Democracy.
  • Justice and Law.
  • Rural Development.
  • Capacity Building
  • Combating Substance Addiction.
  • Spore.
  • Health.
  • Personal evolution.
  • Method Development for Training Programs.
  • Activities for Cooperation with Youth in the Middle East, Far East and Africa Region.


Local, national and international partnerships will be developed in all these areas.

Target group


-Children ages 9-12

-13-25 years young people

-Adolescents between the ages of 25 and 30


The association works for disadvantaged groups. Pay attention to the gender balance in activities.


1- Child Friendly Istanbul Project

Child Friendly Istanbul Project aimed to create a liveable Istanbul with all streets, squares, parks, industrial and historical areas, coasts and forrests;  that will fill the needs of children without distinction of ethnical, social and economical differences. At least 240 children were involved in the projects, joined the trainings to create their dream city  and shared ideas with local authorities.

Partners: West Britain Solar Center, University of Colorado Children and Youth Studies (CYE)


2- Toilet for our School

We were all avare of the teacher shortage and the physical problems of schools located in in Anatolia. But we were very surprised to hear about the toilet problem! The project arose from a report of a newpaper, indicating that a school did not have a proper toilet for children. And this project aimed to grow healthy generations and to solve the toilet problem by helping to a  constuction of a toilet supported with hygene training.


3- Democracy and Human Rights Training Project

4 different target groups (Local NGOs, youth, disadvantaged and tradesmen) had the opportunity to follow seminars and workshops on human rights, aiming to manufacture public opinion on protection of human rights and development of democracy. Mardinist Activist Project, arranged for youth in Mardin was also supported by European Union Youth Programs and aimed to assemble youth from Mardin and Istanbul to be trained on democracy and human rights.

Project Partners: Mardin Provincial Directorate of Youth Sports, Youth MÜSİAD.


4- Voluntary Teachers

Few schools and so many students result in classes with at least 70 children. The number of student advisors is not enough for study plan programming. This project aims to support after school hours for children economically disadvantaged, orphans, children of handicapped, unemployed and martyrs and children who cannot go to private schoolrooms.


5- Leave Your Bad Habits

Credit card debts are a big problem for youth nowadays, especially for ones who are accustomed to be supported by their parents. At least 350 people are getting divorced everyday in Turkey. (According to TUIK) Reduced circumstances were declared as concept of breakdown in the courts. The project aimed to give the consciousness of saving in order to prevent high rate of consumption and establish strong families.

Project Partners: Italy, Romania, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Britain, Turkey, Portugal and Avustria.


6- Career Planner Project

International Career and Employment Summits give youth the opportunity to share ideas among different countries. The project aims increasing the quality for entrepreneurship, obtaining employment and business development by international dimensions.

Project Partners Municipality of Kağıthane , France, Italy, Macedonia, Armenia, Russia, Lithuania, Romania.


7- Keeping the Youth Away From Crime

If the child is exposed to violance and/or abuse at home, the ultimate result for the child is to run away to streets where he finds gangs and commits crime. The international symposium arranged to draw attention to this issue, named “Does anyone hear me?” resulted with a manifesto for government, NGOs, families and society and this manifesto is published in the website of YVA. Project Partners France, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Moldovia and Turkey.


8- Workshops for Project Improvement

Youth Volunteers Association support youth for new project ideas. YVA arranges info days for youth who have ideas for social status, local, regional, national and international scales of projects, helping youth to find budget for those projects. Also YVA gives free consultancy for writing projects which will enable and icrease equality of opportunities throughout society.



YVA has been founded in 2004 to provide equality of opportunities in society by mainly volunteering activities and is an accredited European Volunteering  Sending, coordinating and hosting assotiation. association’s target group is disadvantageous young people and children, it’s management, membership and volunteers are composed of mainly young people.


We believe it contributes to solution of local problems by providing the contribution of children and youth at local level.  The association has realized and coordinated 24 projects so far. The projects of which the YVA was legal representative are following:


  • The Young Volunteers Association started its activities also in the South East in order to provide equality of opportunity. Endeavours such as human rights training for the youth of Mardin, kindergarden construction for children in Sanliurfa, reconstruction of two schools in Kilis and Gaziantep have been carried out. The young individuals living in these cities of South East and being a member of our association decided to organize until the end of 2011.


Beside these projects, The Association will carry out another “European Volunteering Service” in Istanbul. The project name is “Occupational Health and Safety for all of Us.” 2 volunteers from Greece will give training to young people on Occupational Health and Safety for 2 years.


It is impossible to find an innovative implementation of children’s rights at the beginning of the project. Turkey, wants to move away from non-oppressive practice, the age in which children tamped between walls and on a uniform basis of human culture. However, the demilitarization is a new concept in our country.



At the first, the participants attended the training of trainers, which were designed for game. The participants, increased their training activities on children’s rights and their training in Istanbul.


Some of our participants could not carry out their implementation due to several months due to bureaucratic obstacles. Some cities have made protocol ceremonies taking too seriously the implementation. For example, 2,400 children have trained in Adiyaman cities that we say at least 70 children should have trained. Three new volunteers have joined our project to carry out our educational activities. We have completed our project today (May 13, 2015). Beginning of project, 5.000 in Istanbul,


5.000 in Anatolia, including 10.000 children in the age of 9-12. More than 60 teachers, students, STK’s administrators and activists will continue to implement these rights in the interactive materials game in their cities. Some STK’s have started to implement the project as their own local projects. Our association has inspired this project. The hopscotch game will be held for high school students in a different way. On the other hand, we are looking for ways to search for 81 cities.



From the different cities of Turkey; Up to 60 volunteer teachers, students and STK members have taken children’s rights education in Istanbul for three days and reached 5.000 students. Followed by 4 days in the elementary schools in Istanbul. The training is given on carpet intervals one hour apart. The participants attended our project activities carried out to promote the local experience. 10.000 students benefited from this opportunity during the 7 months project’s period in Turkey. The volunteer activists as well as the school administrators and STKs demand continued to implement this project.


At the same time, we will contribute to the enhancement of the team spirit and importance of acting as a team. We realize these two objectives together with the participants after applicatons.


-54 persons (Teachers, faculty of education students, STK’s administrators and activists) attended to the trainers for 7 days. Photos are available.

-In the opening; 55 students parents attended the event. As per this program the children age between 9-12 know their rights where study in Rami Primary school in Eyup district.



– Press release has been prepared and published by the Project scope.



-Decision makers of the educational community of Istanbul and districts took part in the opening ceremony.




We performed special program in Adiyaman December 10, in Human Rights Day.





-Children learned their right carpet in Istanbul.

-Children learn their right with carpet general of Turkey.


-In order to disseminating project; 1 Positive Development Association (STK), 1

puplic authority (Adiyaman Provincial National Education Directorate), 1 Municipal (Yalova Municipality) was carried out with cooperation.


-The project was developed for new funds. (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sport Republic of Turkey, Sabanci Foundation and Changemakers Program, EU Civil Imagine Micro Support Application).


-Two TV program was made including one live broadcast covered by the project.


-Istanbul provincial Directorate of National Education made project presentationat thei


We are looking for volunteer for occupational health and safety evs project !


Between 1st of February – 1st of November 2015, basic occupational health and safety training will be given to vocational school students of ages between 15-17 in Istanbul. The Project which started begining of 2014, it’s first step has done by a voluntary which sent from Greece Argos city, Evosmos municipality. http://evsgeorgiaistanbul.blogspot.com.tr/2014_04_01_archive.html

What did Georgia Griva who came as voluntary during 12 months?


1-        She studied Basic occupational health and safety training.

2-        She was visited centeral places of Istanbul for he addapted environment.

3-        She met with voluntaries of association and provided he learnt about different cultures.

4-        She went cities as Antalya, Ankara, Manisa, Mardin, Gaziantep, Hatay, he was sent some cities for European Ministries educations.

5-        She contributed about at vocationl schools, nearly 2.000 students learnt occupational health and safety. Now he will study for other young people join such as projects, turning Argos.

6-        Pprovided to meet a lot of young people from abroad in Istanbul.

7-        Provided basic Turkish language education. Voluntaries accompanied him during educations for language support.

All the money we spend our pocket volunteer in this program. Which was met costs of Georgia:

  • She had a room in the house which 3 people live. Costs; rent, electricity, water, heating, internet were provided the house which she lived.
  • Bus ticket, Greece – Istanbul departure-return was provided.
  • During visa costs and residence permit was accompanied and cost were provided.
  • Payment was done for eating costs and pcoket Money.


If you want to join this Project, please contact us. This is the conditions:


  • To be 18-30 of ages,
  • To believe team working
  • To speak Turkish is an advantage but to speak English can be enough.
  • To be conform home friends, cleaning and other general rules.
  • To adopt the program which will be offer. (35 hours working for a week)
  • To stay in Turkey for 10 months. (There is a flexiciable program. You can go your country and return for short time with you tell us before)
  • For registration plese send us short cv and short writing about why the Project draw attention.


This website is supported by the Sivil Dusun EU Program.


Sivil Dusun EU Programme was launched by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey towards the end of 2012 to support civil society. The programme supports activists, civil society organisations, networks and platforms under the same umbrella.

Through various support mechanisms, Sivil Düşün supports active individuals and civil society organisations. These support mechanisms have been designed as a result of the input provided by civil society actors during consultations carried out with representatives of numerous civil society organisations, as well as activists, throughout Turkey.

Sivil Düşün was designed to strengthen the structures and values of participatory democracy. The programme supports are open to all the activities that strive to contribute to the strengthening of democratic values, and are based on stringent principles of fair competition, equal opportunity and transparency.

The Active Citizenship Mechanism, or Aktivist Programme, provides flexible, transparent and accessible supports to rights-based work carried out by activists, civil society organisations, platforms, networks, civil initiatives, foundations, associations, rights-based cooperatives, non-profit companies, city councils, unions, as well as human rights and civil society units of universities.

Aktivist supports are provided under five categories: Event Management, Mobility and Networking, Organisational Capacity Building, Campaign, and Communication. Since the launch of Sivil Düşün, 1359 applications have been received under Sivil Düşün Active Citizenship Mechanism, out of which 359 actions were selected for implementation.

Supports provided directly address the needs of the civil society, and a participatory approach is adopted in all stages. Supports contribute in the inclusion and equal participation of disadvantaged groups and grassroots organisations through addressing their needs. The Programme provides an effective platform for civil society organisations, active citizens, networks, platforms and other civil organisations to network and learn from each other.

Through Sivil Düşün’s Networks and Platforms Programme, nine long-term projects were supported. These networks and platforms have set out to bring together activists and organisations that work around common goals.

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